Coup for ARTZU Projects in Abu Dhabi: ‘Future Landscape & Public Realm’


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ARTZU Projects is proud to announce our participation in an exciting event, Future Landscape & Public Realm Conference, in Abu Dhabi (capital of the UAE) in February 2015. We were invited to present our expertise and ideas for advancing the creation and development of Abu Dhabi’s public spaces.

“This provided us with a really stimulating platform to share our ideas for taking forward this agenda in one of the most dynamic city developments in the world. You just have to look at what’s happening there, with the Cultural District on Saadiyat Island, Yas Island and other mega-projects,” observed Nick Betney, ARTZU’s Founder and MD.

The event ARTZU_Projects_Abu_Dhabi_Future_Landscapesbrought us together with many of the leading actors, shaping the rapidly emerging city and urban landscape, in this most dynamic part of the world. Specialists in their respective disciplines from companies like ARUP, Atkins Global, AECOM, Perkins+Will and SWA gathered to discuss the trends, key challenges, projects and opportunities in Abu Dhabi to support the vision and goals of the ‘Abu Dhabi 2030 Plan’.

“They’ve achieved an enormous amount already and have hugely ambitious plans going forward,” noted Charles Blair of ARTZU Projects.

With 17 years’ experience – including a decade in the Gulf – working with cutting-edge companies such as Benoy, Emaar and Atkins in the UK and the Middle East, ARTZU Projects were asked to discuss the application of artwork in the urban landscape.

Charles Blair, Head of International at ARTZU Projects, focused on the central role of ‘ARTSCAPE’: the process of selecting, commissioning and installing artwork, integrated into urban planning, to connect people with their built environment.

The crucial ingredient that ‘Artscape’ can bring to any environment is the creation of a cultural identity by defining public spaces and giving a sense of community through the introduction of artwork.  ARTZU projects view the role of artwork within cities as pivotal in the development of economic, social and cultural hubs which promote and sustain creative energy and well-being.

With this is mind, Charles traced the history of artwork in urban planning and design, from the historic to the contemporary, in different parts of the world, beginning with the example of SportCity in Manchester.




































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