TLT Solicitors


“Art sends a powerful visual message to your clients about an innovative brand and corporate ethos that distinguishes you from your competitors.” 

Download: ARTZU, TLT Solicitors, Art Consultancy

TLT solicitors are an exciting example of how corporate art schemes can revitalize a conventional work space into something inspirational.  ARTZU worked alongside key partners at TLT to transform their Manchester office into an extraordinary workplace through an exceptional collection of contemporary art.

This original and avant-garde approach requires careful consideration: the right collection of artwork can define your business and its brand ethos, creating a space which takes it to another level of sophistication. Key to the selection process is an understanding of the culture and values of your business; the artwork must reflect the ‘spirit’ of your company through a strong visual message. Only by working closely alongside you and your colleagues to define these fundamental ideals can they be extended into the design concept through artwork.

In the final stages of a project the most suitable artworks are presented to you through visual renderings of the interiors. This process allows you to fully understand the impact and placement of artworks before you make a final decision on suitable pieces to buy and commission. You can download the TLT Presentation below:

Download: ARTZU, TLT Solicitors, Art Consultancy

































































































































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