Creating Landmark Destinations with Public Sculpture

The impact of iconic sculpture cannot be understated in urban planning.  The creation of landmark locations, and the factors which make them work so effectively, can be seen with numerous sculptural examples: Nelson’s Column (Trafalgar Square, London), Statue of Liberty (USA), Angel of the North (England), The Kelpies (Scotland), the Seed Cathedral (Shanghai EXPO, 2010) and Cloud Gate (‘The Bean’ in Millennium Park, Chicago).

What all these examples have in common is their ability to bring people together, create social well-being, identity and cohesion.  They create a sense of community, whilst raising the profile of the city as ‘a destination’ for locals and tourists alike.

“Not only does it firmly place a location on the map, it generates high-value revenue flows into the city or region’s economy through feeding into the tourism economy, and finally, above all, it lends a human dimension to the built environment. What’s not to like?” Nick, ARTZU Projects MD, concludes.


Iconic Sculpture Angel of the North






































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